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ISAY.KIWI is a free website where anyone can post extraordinary stories (texts, photos and videos) that have occurred in real life. Stories and their contents can be deleted by their authors at any time.

It is forbidden to publish:

  • Content showing nudity or sexual connotation
  • Hateful statements, direct attacks or threats to an individual or group
  • Content presenting violence or self-harm
  • Undesirable content
  • Content subject to copyright

Use of content that does not comply with ISAY.KIWI website rules may result in the complete deletion of the story without notice. It is forbidden to create fake profiles in order to improve the rates or the likes of the stories.

Use of data:
The ISAY.KIWI website is respectful of your privacy and does not collect any navigation data for statistical or algorithmic purposes. In case of connection by Facebook Login, ISAY.KIWI collects the usual identification data provided by the social network (first name, last name, e-mail, age class and sex). These data are only used for internal statistics purposes. Each user can easily share a story published on ISAY.KIWI and some documents can be found on social networks.

The best stories can be selected by us for publication on the official ISAY.KIWI pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Each selected story wins a badge. Stories reaching 1'000, 10'000, 50'000, etc. likes or rates also earn a badge.

Notifications by e-mail:
ISAY.KIWI can send you a message to notice the gain of a badge for example. This function can be deactivated at any time in the "My data" section.

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